How do you dirty talk?!

This is the question I am asked the most by webcam girls and non performers alike. Dirty talk is really just communication in the bedroom which is key to both parties achieving their sexual goals. Dirty talk files into a few sub-categories: fantasizing/roleplay, nasty talk for shock value and intimate or sensual dialogue. Fantasizing through dirty talk is a great tool for dipping your toes into the pool of kink. Before you try group sex, cuckolding or other situations that are hard to come by, really you ought to talk, whisper or scream out mid-coitus what’s reeling through your dirty mind.
Humans love entertainment. We watch movies, we read books and we fantasize. Roleplay or creating a dirty dialogue is an extremely entertaining form of sex. You can have all the passion and naughty feelings of a torrid affair without actually wrecking your home. It’s a nice break from having to be perfect and decent all the time. Even something as serious as infidelity can be made lighthearted by a bit of cheating roleplay in the bedroom. I have found this to be incredibly therapeutic though initially uncomfortable due to my previous experience of being cheated on. Roleplay really is about putting on someone else’s shoes which is always an enlightening exercise.
Nasty talk for shock value has always been a bit more challenging for me as I have always been a more sensual as opposed to wild creature. Raceplay, cursing/swearing and obscene talk are all surprisingly powerful. Certain words evoke feelings much like art evokes emotion. In typography, the art of written words stylized to elicit emotion, is a visual form of the art of dirty talk for shock value. The words we react to and how it is delivered and interpreted is often the catalyst for pushing one into a very powerful orgasm that you would’ve otherwise had issue achieving. I have had requests to repeat dirty and descriptive words pertaining to sex acts, using racist terminology and even everyday words that you wouldn’t expect an individual to find stimulating. The scope is far and wide for what constitutes dirty talk and it really is different for everybody. An example of dirty talk that I love is something I am actually too ashamed to admit to the world right now. Okay fine: “Pack my shit with your big dick Daddy I need to cum.” That might have made you throw up in your mouth a little but it made me horny just typing it. Moving on now…
Sensual dialogue is my all time favorite kinky addition in the bedroom. I love intimacy and nothing is more intimate to me so far in life than to make known quite clearly what is going on in my mind and body. My sensual sharing is more focused on the admiration of my partner’s sexual being. I describe every detail of his cock. I demand his hands on specific places on my body. I describe his touch and how it drives me wild. I use words instead of my hands to evoke sensation.
“I love feeling the contours of your muscles so different than mine. Where the tissue gets softer I want to sink into you…the curve of your neck and the warmth of your belly. I want to suckle on your earlobes and make the hair stand on your arms. You make my heart race and my body comes alive. When I suck your cock the massage I give you with my lips is returned to me and this pleasure never stops unfolding. You challenge me with your fullness and those moments where I struggle to hold you deep inside are all too brief. You get me high and I just want to get you higher.”
My example shown above mentions the shared pleasure of sex and attempts to capture the magic found in intimate moments. Orating the moments and sensations you love to give and receive enhance that magic that could otherwise become blurred or almost go unnoticed.
Humans think in words and images. Men are typically visual creatures and women tend to be more abstract and empathetic. Yes, these are blanket generalizations but with that said it is still worth mentioning that words can be used to bridge that gap and increase understanding and therefore happiness all around. So let the naughty games begin! Join my live show and you can play with me in all of these wonderful ways 🙂

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