Why Webcamming isn’t Cheating

Perhaps I am not a total authority on this subject. When I started camming over a year ago I was single and guess what I am still single today. I haven’t been in a relationship since I formed one with Streamate. However, many of my beloved regulars are married or have a significant other. Many men do utilize camgirls to satisfy their need for companionship (so neat and compartmentalized, so smart). Others enjoy webcam girls for purely fetish and fantasy reasons. Everybody has different sexual desires and fantasies and it isn’t often that two committed people have the very same. Every camgirl offers different forms of entertainment but generally they are broken down into roleplay and sharing actual intimacy through shared personal details and rapport. Whenever anyone indulges in roleplay it is because a certain scenario stimulates them but actually isn’t truly desirable in the real life. In our fantasies we can be in dangerous situations like unprotected sex, metaphysical situations such as demon possession or just a situation that simply isn’t available elsewhere. I love roleplays where I am being truly dominated or dominating someone else. I have a huge impregnation/creampie fetish. These aren’t necessarily aspects that I want affecting my family life or my day to day activities. Webcamming is a safe and anonymous platform to explore new worlds of fantasy as far as your imagination can reach. I have zero diseases/STDs/STIs. I have gotten pregnant zero times from my customers and I do not have full time slaves waiting on my hand at foot at home as I truly desire a simple, healthy and natural life. When I log on for my day of work/fun I get to truly embark on adventure. If anyone out there in this great big world feels pity for me because I webcam they are mistaken. If anyone out there feels anger or pity towards anyone married/taken or otherwise who purchases entertainment from webcam girls, they are misinformed. I do feel it is prudent to mention that I do truly care for my customers as friends and enjoy their sexuality, but I would never dissolve a marriage, give marital advice or imply that they should leave their significant other even if they enjoy cheating roleplays and even if they admit they are unhappy. I am not part of any torrid affair. I do not escort. I feel like I need to yell this one out: CAMGIRLS ARE NOT ESCORTS, ESCORTS ARE ESCORTS. If a man is purchasing escorts that is of his own volition and has no relation to the webcam industry as it is illegal and a direct violation of every single webcam platform’s code of conduct. Streamate is worldwide which means my customers are literally all over the world. What kind of fucking escort would fly all over the world to bang anonymous dick?! That’s just poor time management and it’s not cost effective. The dudes who try to ask camgirls to meet and obliterate the fantasy and break the code of conduct honestly just suck. I get where they’re coming from but please hit up the proper platform. I hear seeking arrangement is a popular one! Those dudes are the ugly pimple on the beautiful face of the webcam industry but hey difficult customers and time wasters are everywhere. *Steps off soapbox* Webcamming is fun. It isn’t serious and isn’t meant to be taken seriously. In fact everything in life is a bit more enjoyable when we don’t take it too seriously. No need to judge yourself or others for a bit of safe and sexy fun! It’s incredibly therapeutic actually 😉 If you want to explore a fantasy of your choice or one of mine feel free to join my live show! Until then, take care and be sexy!

2 thoughts on “Why Webcamming isn’t Cheating”

  1. Many people don’t get webcamming, especially guys who think it’s an opportunity for physical hookups. Maybe they think (or hope) they’re saving you from depravity…or want to draw you deeper into their pit.
    In a way, a webcammer is a fantasy spinner of customized stories. Why “proper” folks think it’s so bad is beyond logic. It’s the ultimate in “safe sex”.

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