Why Anal is Amazing

No, seriously! I need to talk about this. A lot of people are extremely averse to anal whether you are doling it out or you’re the prospective recipient. I am not one of these people though I used to be somewhat timid about traveling down the brown road. Do people say that? Was it brown town? In high school boys would often joke about anal being the only way to go when a lady is experiencing menstruation. Ok guys, first of all fuck you for being afraid of pussy play for 4-5 days out of the month, there are devices to make this a less messy event. Secondly, anal is not a back up plan it should be the center of a steamy and potentially romantic evening. Nothing says I love you like some serious butt loving. Anal requires trust, understanding and lube. LOTS of lube. It also involves a bit of preparation. I’m talking about enemas and butt plugs baby. If you do not know what an enema is I suggest Google educates you on this one. Why the butt plug? Assholes are tight little muscles. All muscles should be strong and limber. I personally feel like the butt plug journey should be a solo one. Learn your own asshole and go slow while you enjoy this time of discovery. One medium size silicone butt plug plus one budding cam model made the perfect foundation for my butthole training. Through camming I was forced to learn the importance of making your desires and boundaries known in the bedroom and then taking the liberty to push them yourself. I quickly grew to love and crave the wonderful stretching and filling feeling that makes me now cum harder than vaginal sex. Some women like myself enjoy G-spot stimulation but not quite as much as stimulating it through anal. Every woman is shaped differently down there so different things feel more or even more stimulating. The sensation of a toy (or dick I guess) moving in and out of my tight hole and filling it as deep as it can reach is overpowering in the most absolutely wonderful of ways. A few purchases from your local sex shop and an open mind craving sexual adventure should sufficiently prepare you. I want to end this blog on a very important note. Boys, you should really try prostate stimulation. The immeasurable pleasure I feel through anal as a woman could never compare to the intense pleasure that a male would feel from this method of stimulation. Boys are you listening? ANAL DOESN’T MAKE YOU GAY. Did you hear me? ANAL DOESN’T MAKE YOU GAY!!!! You’re gay for not letting me finger fuck your butthole. (JK) (Sort of) My writings are based around sex and not sexual orientation which I personally feel doesn’t require explaining. If you follow my simple advice concerning preparation, self-love and a couple of small investments into your sexual well being, I guarantee that you will thank me. I’ll bet my ass on it! #teamanal

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