Taboo time

Taboo roleplay is arguably the most scrutinized fetish among camgirls and customers alike. When you visit pornhub all the top videos display incestual scenarios save for the step-brother/mother/father/sister pre-fix. People obviously want to see this stuff. They want the fantasy to safely take them where reality just can’t. Even if you were a modern day pioneer of incest you would face a world of scrutiny and public shame. Unless you are the most hardcore humiliation addict this is really not a desirable scenario. Before we dive down that rabbit hole let’s just take a step back and analyze why a taboo scene is desirable. I volunteer myself as example #1. My personal favorite taboo roleplay is daddy/daughter though I have truthfully enjoyed other scenarios. I have no personal relationship with my father and did not have a paternal figure my entire adolescence. Though I am a happy, well-rounded independent woman today there is still a primal urge for the dominant male figurehead, especially in the bedroom. A desire is the result of a lack thereof. One could say my lacking is the cause but one must also consider that people who are naturally submissive crave the sexual nature of one who is dominant. It’s imperative to also mention that all things taboo are generally things we desire born out our very human rebellious nature. There are quite a few slices to this incest pie here. The very naughtiest things in life are generally what excites us. When you’re excited adrenaline courses through your veins and activates your fight or flight mode. Your heart races and eyes widen and respiration increases. Your body is essentially amped and ready to explode. The combination of the compelling nature of domination via roleplay and the overwhelming condition of body and mind in fight or flight mode together makes for shall I say the best orgasm ever. At the end of the day whether we are watching Riley Reid get tortured by a BDSM master for two hours, a woman in tight jeans handcuffed ankles to wrists struggling fully clothed for like 20 minutes, or girls gaping their assholes and shitting birthday cake out, seriously whatever we watch, the whole purpose is to induce a powerful orgasm and thrilling sexual experience. That’s right! All humans desire pleasure. Our bodies were made to orgasm. Our mind is the creative element that keeps it fresh and makes it intense so please don’t be afraid to delve into the mysterious world of fetish, but do use caution 😉

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