So I’m a webcam model

What are that? Well… good question. A model is a medium for displaying a form or art. This art can not be found hanging on the wall or in fashion magazines. Models like me live in anonymous exchanges of sexuality over the internet. Strange would be the understatement of the year. What might appear as a freak show to the ‘vanilla’ people of the world is my everyday banality now. Banality is too strong a word really for often I am reduced to shock and giggle fits from the various oddities that Streamate plays middle man to. The shows, or exchanges between model and anonymous customer vary so greatly, like soooooo greatly, that I will likely be blogging about them until the end of my days. This medium of art is deeply psychological and emotional. You do not need any formal education to enjoy kink/fetish for experience is the best teacher. Trust me (the college dropout). In my experience BDSM and the webcam industry taught me more about myself and the world around me than any of my college courses. Rihanna’s S&M or the infamous 50 Shades of Grey introduced this taboo subject but did not truly represent the complexity and magic. Every webcam model must be fluent in BDSM language. Roleplay, JOI, SPH, CBT, DDLG, ASMR, Edging, pet play, Forced orgasms, Ruined orgasms, Findom, and so many subcategories of kink are very much a part of camgirls’ vocabulary. I never considered myself vanilla from the moment I even understood what that means, but when I logged on for my first day on cam armed with my first school girl skirt and some cheap ass anal beads that I hadn’t yet used (fuck up #1) I quickly realized that I knew hardly anything! Fast forward a year and some months and I crown myself queen of kink. After all so many of my regulars refer to me as their queen! *hair flip* Stay tuned as we dive deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole. We’re really going to get into some shit.

Discover more by joining my steamy stream! I’ll be back online to adventure with you soon!

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